Terry Venables, who passed away at the age of 80, was a talented, charismatic, and influential coach known for his success with Barcelona, as well as for his near achievement with the England and Australia teams. He led the England team to the semi-final of the European Championships in 1994, after they had failed to qualify for the World Cup finals. However, they lost on penalties, leading to his short stint coaching Australia in an effort to qualify for the World Cup. Unfortunately, a pitch invader disrupted a key game against Iran, causing the team to miss out on the finals.

Later, Venables went on to coach Crystal Palace, QPR, and Barcelona before returning to England to lead Tottenham to an FA Cup success in 1991. He also coached the England national team and later had stints with other clubs. Venables was recognized as a vibrant and influential figure in the football community, and he was remembered fondly by the players and staff he worked with throughout his career. His impact was felt not only in England but also in Australia, where he came close to achieving World Cup qualification. His legacy lives on through the players and teams he influenced, and many in the football community continue to celebrate his contributions.

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