January 17, 2022
Ask These Questions Before Hiring a Defense Attorney

Ask These Questions Before Hiring a Defense Attorney

If you’re currently charged with a crime, then hiring a criminal defense attorney to represent you can make all the difference to your case. However, no lawyers are made equal.

So, you should always ask the right questions to find out if the attorney you’re hiring will be able to represent you and will help you get the required results or not. Here are some of the best questions you can ask to know if an attorney will be the right fit for you or not.

How Many Years of Experience Do You Have?

Experience us one of the key factors which decide your success or failure in a criminal defense case. You can get a huge advantage by hiring a lawyer with years of experience handling cases like yours. He will guide you through the whole legal process. He will know all the prosecution stages and will do his homework well in advance to help you cruise your way through the whole process easier.

What Are Your Credentials/ Qualifications?

Just as you’d ask anyone whom you’re hiring to do a job, you should also ask your potential lawyer about the credentials they have with them. You have the right to ask them about the law school they graduated from.

Additionally, you don’t want to hire an attorney who has been accused of attorney misconduct in the past.

Ask These Questions Before Hiring a Defense Attorney

Have You Ever Handled Cases Like Mine Before?

Hiring an experienced lawyer isn’t enough. You should ask if the lawyer you’re hiring has the experience of handling cases like yours before. Hiring one of the Boston criminal justice attorneys with experience in handling cases like yours is the best thing you can do to save yourself a lot of time.