David Warner, a former cricketer with a career average of 45, is known for his high strike rate of over 70. Warner’s ability to score quickly has been a significant factor in Australia’s lineup. However, with Warner’s retirement, the team is faced with finding a replacement with similar scoring speed. One suggestion is the return of Cameron Green, which would involve moving Steve Smith up the order. The current top four for Australia have strike rates ranging from 48.6 to 70.2, but recent years have seen a drop in scoring speed. If Green were to replace Warner, the combined top-four strike rate would be just 48.9, indicating a slower pace of scoring.

Comparisons with past top-four combinations show a decrease in scoring speed, with more recent combinations scoring slower than those from the 2000s, in which players like Hayden, Langer, and Ponting scored at higher rates. Warner and Rogers also formed a high-scoring combination, and the decline in scoring speed in recent years has been noticeable. The article concludes by questioning whether the team is heading into a more sedate era, or if they should find a replacement for Warner to bring back the high-scoring days of the past.

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