The Les Kiss era for Queensland presents a lot of opportunities and risks for both the state and the coach himself. His journey back to Queensland has been lengthy and eventful, just like the Reds’ journey to recovery after their 2011 title. On paper, it seems like a perfect fit: Kiss has 26 years of coaching experience with a focus on strong defense and has proven success in both league and union. However, he has faced similar challenges at previous clubs, raising doubts about his ability to make significant changes at the Reds.

Kiss’s coaching career has been a mix of successes and failures, with notable achievements in both European and Australian rugby. His previous stint as a Director of Rugby at Ulster ended with a disappointing season, but he found success as the head coach of London Irish. The Reds have also undergone significant changes recently, with Brad Thorn leading them to a Super Rugby AU title in 2021. However, they struggled against Kiwi sides and faced internal issues that affected their performance.

Now, Kiss has the opportunity to lead a talented and deep Reds squad and address some of the team’s underlying problems. He has brought in new players to strengthen the squad and has a clear focus on improving defensive structures and fundamental aspects of the game. Whether the players will fully buy into his strategies remains to be seen, but there is potential for the Reds to rise to a new level under Kiss’s leadership.

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