Eddie Jones is a snake and Australia’s rugby supporters deserved better. The French crowd booed him and showed Eddie a lack of respect. The appointment of Peter Horne and change in the management of the sport brings hope for a better future for Australian rugby. There is a need for a new clear identity for the team that informs their playstyle. The development of talent within Australia must be prioritized to improve the national rugby team. The Giteau Law should be scrapped so Australian players can continue to develop their skills. The next four years will focus on small consistent gains. The emergence of new coaching talent alongside young playing talent gives hope. The target of the Lions Tour in 2025, and World Cups for both men and women in 2027 and 2029 brings a sense of urgency and a clear goal for Australian rugby. With all the recent unpleasantness behind them, it’s now time to get behind the Wallabies and Wallaroos to achieve greatness in the game of rugby.

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