Football Australia’s National Second Tier is coming closer to reality, with the announcement of the eight foundation teams that will take part in the inaugural season in 2025. The teams include five from NSW and three from Victoria: Apia Leichhardt FC, Avondale FC, Marconi Stallions FC, Preston Lions FC, South Melbourne FC, Sydney Olympic FC, Sydney United 58 FC, and Wollongong Wolves FC. The foundation teams have passed rigorous inspections of their finances, stadia, and other metrics, and those that didn’t make the cut did not meet “operational and commercial elements”. While some may criticize the inclusion of “ethnic” clubs, there is hope that the National Second Tier will provide more opportunities for young Australian players and coaches. The success of the league will depend on various factors, including sponsors, the broadcast deal, advertising, and public interest. Despite hope for the success of the league, some skeptics remain unsure about its future.

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