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My father stunned me by revealing that cricket, not rugby, was his favorite sport. This was surprising considering his name – Derek Rugby Darrow, also known as Bill. In his youth, he excelled in rugby, playing as a halfback at Kings College in Auckland. However, my interest in rugby was never a result of any pressure from him.

Growing up in a small country school with only thirty students, rugby wasn’t an option for me. Instead, I played on my father’s cricket team on our farm. At high school, I focused on rugby and didn’t play cricket regularly until I joined his social cricket side, the Geri-Hatricks.

Australia’s cricket team toured New Zealand in 1969/70. Later, in 1973/74, New Zealand achieved its first win over Australia. Throughout my childhood, I enjoyed listening to the cricket on the radio with my father. Cricket legends such as Hadlee, Chappell, Richards, and Lillee caught my attention.

In his later years, my father witnessed T20’s rise and the downfall of once great teams like the West Indies. He believed that cricket was in a better position than rugby union, and I am inclined to agree. In memory of Derek Rugby “Bill” Darrow 1924-2004.

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