Rabbitohs head coach Jason Demetriou, speaking on The Bye Round podcast with James Graham, suggested the NRL should institute a rule where younger players can only earn a certain amount to prevent clubs from poaching them with massive offers. He cited Joseph Suaalii’s case and advocated for setting a benchmark number of games and a maximum amount a young player could earn until they reach a certain milestone. He argued that players should earn more based on their experience and performance, not just potential. He also pointed out the pressure on young athletes brought about by large paychecks at a young age. He compared the NRL’s situation to other professional sports leagues such as the NBA, which have rules in place for players on their rookie contracts that are based on their draft selection. While the NRL recently changed rules regarding when players developed by clubs can be approached by rivals, Demetriou believes that the league is losing young players aged 17-20 due to the limited roster spots available when they reach the professional level. He suggested that more money should be invested in the two state cups rather than creating a national reserve grade competition. Demetriou also proposed two transfer windows as part of the NRL’s player movement process. He argued against the current system and emphasized that players have ample time to switch clubs.

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