Des Hasler, one of the great coaches of the modern age, enters a new job in footy by taking on one of the biggest challenges of his career. At 62, Hasler is characteristically pushing boundaries and integrating new ideas into his coaching style. He proved to be the tactical winner of the 2021 season under the Six Again rule, adapting quickly to the new, faster game. The NRL is richer for having him in it.

As he takes on the Gold Coast, where sports teams go to die, Hasler will need to bring all of his ideas and experience to get a positive result from the league’s most underperforming franchise. The Titans have a strong roster that should be finishing higher than 14th place. With key players on board, Hasler aims to improve the defensive systems and the mentality of the team, which have consistently undermined the Titans for years.

In the 2023 season, the Titans were strong in attack but lacked defensive efficiency. They had several defeats despite scoring 18 points or more in a match, indicating a need for better defensive strategies. Hasler aims to improve both the defensive systems and the mindset of the team to achieve success.

Hasler also faces the challenge of organizing the team and improving execution. He must decide on the best fullback player, organize the outside backs, and select a suitable player to play alongside Kieran Foran as the team’s halfback. With Hasler’s coaching and the strong roster, the Gold Coast Titans have the potential to break their curse in 2024.

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