The latest round of Rugby drama in the Australian public has been met with exasperation. Former Wallaby Greg Martin welcomed this news with an expletive, expressing hope after Daniel Herbert was named the new Rugby Australia chairman. Martin praised Herbert’s emphasis on the need for reform in rugby, drawing on his deep knowledge of grassroots rugby and his physical prowess as a player. This decision came after the rift between unions and former chairman Hamish McLennan came to a head, with Herbert being chosen to replace him. Despite being honored by his new position, Herbert expressed optimism in his ability to bring about much-needed change, acknowledging the need for stakeholder input and unity, as the game had long been divided between clubs and national teams. While it’s unclear if Herbert will be able to navigate the politics of Australian rugby, his measured character, meticulous approach, and focus on teamwork have garnered respect from his peers. Former coach John Connolly and Wallabies teammate Tim Horan both praised his thoughtful nature and ability to consult others in making decisions, while coach Rod Macqueen underscored the importance of unity and collaboration for the game’s improvement.

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