The Eddie Jones fiasco in Australian rugby has come to an end. Although he previously denied any association with the Japan Rugby Football Union regarding the head coach position, it has been confirmed that he will take over as Japan’s next head coach. This announcement has sparked a mix of reactions from players, coaches, and fans. Jones’ history with the team has left many questioning his return, but his long-standing relationship with new JRFU president Masato Tsuchida seems to have played a key role in his appointment.

However, this isn’t Jones’ first international coaching job in the past year. He was previously with England before being sacked and moved on to coach Australia, where he resigned due to unmet promises. Despite his tumultuous year, the JRFU seems to have had a standing invitation for Jones to return as Japan’s head coach. This decision has raised questions and potentially strained relationships between the JRFU and Rugby Australia.

In a turn of events, it seems Jones’ statements regarding his commitment and integrity have been called into question, which could impact his future dealings with the national unions. As it stands, Jones’ appointment has left a lot to unfold in international rugby relations.

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