Eddie Jones believes he is a “much better coach” following his tenure with the Wallabies. He quit just one season into a five-year contract and now seeks a new coaching role. Despite his recent failures, Jones remains hopeful of his coaching abilities. He is considering opportunities with Japan, Europe, and other emerging rugby nations. However, some of those countries may lack the financial resources to secure Jones. He admits to failure with the Wallabies and expresses his desire to keep coaching despite his previous track record. He also highlights the challenges facing Australian rugby and the need for reform, drawing on examples from the success stories of other countries. Jones calls for changes in Australian rugby’s management, marketing, and competition structures to revitalize the sport. He believes that the collective will and financial resources are necessary to effect real change in Australian rugby. Jones also criticizes the broadcasting of domestic rugby in Australia and its lack of entertainment value, which may be hindering the sport’s popularity.

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