The Big Bash League kicked off on Thursday night. Many cricket fans are giving the hit and giggle comp a passing glance. People who remember the domestic scene prior to the BBL don’t give the “new” set-up much credence. It doesn’t have the tradition of the past. The Big Bash has been operating in one form or another since 2005. Test aficionados face the annual conundrum of investing precious loungeroom viewing time in the Bash. Defenders of the BBL will tell you that if you’re a cricket fan and you don’t like it, then you aren’t the target audience. The BBL and WBBL are designed for kids to foster interest in the sport. Australia’s indifference to the Indian Premier League is a huge saving grace for BBL executives. The BBL will only ever be competing for second spot on the global T20 pecking order. CA is making inroads into its lack of star power by having Test stalwarts turning out for cameo stints in the BBL. The BBL faces the problem of Test players being rarely available. The BBL is serving the purpose of getting kids engaged.

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