The inevitable feeling of frustration comes when you thought you had mastered something but then something else comes along to challenge you yet again. Engaging in rugby league requires a lot of watching and analyzing, and even so, there always seems to be something you can’t comprehend. Before the launch of NRL Grid, the exquisite and addictive trivia game of rugby league, I used to believe that I knew a lot about the NRL. Now, I am painfully aware of how little I actually know. I have only completed two grids out of 40 since the game was published. The game is quite simple, somewhat similar to an NRL sudoku. It consists of a grid with nine squares, divided into three horizontal and three vertical columns. Each column represents a category such as “Premiership winner”, “Benji Marshall teammate”, “Debuted between 2010-2015”, and “Played for Manly”, among others. The player needs to determine the intersection of two categories to fill each square. A correct answer in all nine squares completes the grid. However, the game is not just about completing the grids, it also involves a scoring system that rewards the most obscure answers and punishes the most common ones. This adds to the challenge of the game as players have to strategize to get the best scores. NRL Grid is not entirely a new concept, but it has been newly introduced to Australia, providing a unique and engaging activity when there are no actual footy games to discuss. Although I am lacking in niche knowledge, perhaps trying to recall the finer points of players’ careers when I was not in the country during that time is a tough ask. It has definitely been a steep learning curve, despite my prior experience with quiz games. If there were a Super League version, maybe I would have a better chance.

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