Mark Nawaqanitawase has refuted any claims that he is abandoning rugby by signing with the Roosters for two years, and he is still considering a comeback to the Wallabies before the 2027 World Cup. He said the decision to switch from rugby to rugby league is not a part of the supposed rivalry between the two sports. He made it clear in an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald that he still has deep appreciation and respect for rugby as it has played a significant role in his life. He mentioned that the professional environment at the Roosters facilitated the negotiation process. His return to rugby will depend on various factors, including how he feels about rugby after his time at the Roosters. Rugby Australia’s Phil Waugh stated that Nawaqanitawase is welcome to return to the Wallabies in 2024, despite his move to the NRL. Nawaqanitawase’s transition to the Roosters may give him a better chance at making it to the starting lineup, particularly with the exit of veteran player Daniel Tupou. Rugby Australia’s attempt to sign Roosters player Angus Crichton did not succeed, and the Roosters also showed interest in young Waratahs player Max Jorgensen. In addition to Nawaqanitawase’s switch to the Roosters, there were talks of Eddie Jones interviewing for the Japan coaching job, weeks after resigning from the Wallabies.

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