There’s been a lot of talk about Test cricket’s uncertain future, with many high-ranking officials expressing concern. The sport is in danger of having only a few viable nations, similar to rugby league. Test cricket revolves around India, with Australia and England also having some influence. However, New Zealand and Sri Lanka are already losing players to T20 cricket. Other nations like Pakistan, West Indies, and South Africa are struggling, with administrators prioritizing T20. Cricket Australia, along with players’ union representatives, have raised concerns about the financial well-being of the nine Test-playing nations. Real investment is needed to ensure the format’s longevity. Steve Waugh has suggested introducing a premium playing fee for all nations to retain their talent. However, even with financial support, it will take many years for less competitive nations to catch up. The World Test Championship aims to keep the format relevant, but few nations have a legitimate chance of making the final. This situation is a worrying sign for Test cricket’s future.

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