Usman Khawaja is on the verge of facing possible reprimand or sanction from the ICC due to the messages he displayed on his cricket shoes during training. The Pakistan-born Australian sported shoes with the slogans “Freedom is a human right” and “All lives are equal”, and it was reported that he planned to wear the same shoes during the first Test against Pakistan. Furthermore, reports indicate that he intended to wear shoes with slogans supporting Palestinians involved in the fighting in Gaza during the Perth Test against Pakistan. Khawaja, a leading Test batter and a proud Muslim, has been vocal about his concern for the distressing scenes in Gaza, expressing his thoughts on social media and protesting the Israel-Hamas war. However, as per ICC regulations, players are not allowed to display messages related to political, religious, or racial activities or causes during an international match, and Moeen Ali was previously reprimanded for wearing wristbands with similar messages. The purpose of the ICC regulations is to avoid using cricket as a platform for divisive political issues and to promote the sport as a means of unity. Therefore, Khawaja may face consequences for his actions.

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