The controversial moment of the 1989 test may have been repeated at the MCG. In this instance, Australian captain Pat Cummins was involved, and Pakistani wicketkeeper Mohammad Rizwan was given out after a contentious decision. Michael Gough had deemed Rizwan out, but third umpire Richard Illingworth was required to rule after a lengthy deliberation. There was an apparent spike on Hot Spot, and replays initially seemed to confirm the decision. However, Rizwan’s angry reaction and gestures to a welt on his forearm suggested otherwise.

Rizwan’s dismissal ended a 57-run partnership with Salman Ali Agha, a crucial moment that turned the match in favor of Australia. Along with an outstanding performance from Cummins and Starc, the visitors were unable to pull off the victory. This marked the team’s best performance on Australian soil since India’s series victory three years ago.

The controversial decision stirred up emotions, with commentators disputing whether the correct decision had been made. The final result may have been different if not for missed opportunities earlier in the game. Despite the defeat, Pakistan showed great fighting spirit and promise for the future.

The Australian side was led by Cummins and Carey, who managed to set a challenging target for Pakistan to chase on the final day. A memorable comeback win seemed within reach when Shafique and Masood led the chase with aggressive batting. However, the wickets of Masood and Babar by the Australian bowlers sealed the match in favor of the hosts.

Rizwan and Salman’s partnership briefly reignited hope for Pakistan, but it was ultimately not enough to secure the victory. The visitors managed to put up a strong fight, giving Australia a tough challenge at the MCG.

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