The NRL world broke Saturday after news that Jarome Luai was set to leave the Penrith Panthers for the Wests Tigers, then stories were retracted. Although Luai told his teammates he was leaving, it wasn’t confirmed that the Tigers would be his destination. New transfer regulations, part of the CBA discussions, came into force on November 1, allowing players a ten-day grace period. The rules are vital to the biggest 2023/24 offseason deal. When a player receives an offer from a rival club, the current club has ten days to make a better offer to retain them. Clubs aren’t told the offer’s value. At the end of the ten days, the player can accept or reject the offer. Penrith could save face or make another offer. The deal is nearly done but must wait ten days before it’s official. Rugby league has its own set of rules. The public will put the new rules to the test. If Luai doesn’t join the Tigers, people might question the point of the changes.

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