Mark Nawaqanitawase has now joined the NRL and the Rooster club. There are some significant differences from what he has experienced at Waratahs, but he has joined the NRL’s fanciest club. There are some similarities. He needs to be prepared for more physical work in the NRL as rugby league is more demanding than rugby union. He will also be required to run straight at opposing players. Similarly, he may have to get used to more packed games. Even so, he will not need to kick the ball but catch all the kicks. Additionally, he will be required to tackle more aggressively and tackle the player in front of him instead of just grabbing them. He should also expect significant differences in the names of players within the club. Despite all these changes, Mark is compensated well for his work. He is also lucky to be under Trent Robinson’s guidance, who’s known to be one of the sharpest coaches around. He is welcomed to what is known as the Greatest Game of All.

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