Former Rugby Australia Chairman Hamish McLennan has stepped down from his position after allegations of smear campaign. In an interview, he made it clear that he will not continue to help on broadcast deals and Rugby World Cups. McLennan expressed his discontent with the decision and believes it will create divisions within rugby.

The six state unions released a statement acknowledging McLennan’s dedication to the game, but also stated his continued presence would be a distraction. McLennan also downplayed the opposition to his tenure, pointing out that three of the Super clubs were happy with his work.

McLennan believes the move was a “power grab” and that it was driven by money and control. He reflected wistfully on his tenure, emphasizing that there are bigger issues in the world. He pointed out the ongoing conflicts in Ukraine and Israel as real matters that need attention.

Despite the backlash against him, McLennan feels that the decision will create more divisions within rugby, further complicating the game’s future. He had high hopes for the game, having secured broadcast deals and brought in sponsors, bringing the game to a spot of stability during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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