The discussion around eligibility for rep footy is just as popular and women overdone as the actual games and other rugby league topics. However, a breakthrough has been reported that the Australian Rugby League Commission (ARLC) may alter the current rules to disregard international allegiances in the State of Origin. This would open the pathway for players who have represented other Tier 1 countries, such as England and New Zealand, to feature in Origin if also eligible at state level.

This would close down two of the most regular yet least informed arguments on the subject. It would also stop the discussion on players from Tier 2 nations, such as Tonga, Samoa, Fiji, and PNG, playing for New South Wales or Queensland.

These potential changes might realign the priorities of the ARLC back in favor of the international game and allow internal Australian competition without impinging on other nations. The changes will need refinement to work, but the spirit behind this change is correct.

The changes could potentially benefit players who are eligible for Origin and want to play it without jeopardizing their ability to represent their heritage and play internationally. Additionally, both states would gain access to more players without taking players away from nations with smaller talent pools. This change would also not ask players to pick between their heritage and the place that raised them.

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