St. George Illawarra is returning to the starting lineup, in search of a new player to fill the hole left by Ronald Volkman’s departure.
The 21-year-old player signed from the Warriors as a potential competitor for the starting position with Kyle Flanagan, will now exit the club due to a shoulder problem that was discovered in medical tests. This creates a void for coach Shane Flanagan, as his only recognized half is his son, Kyle.
After being turned down by two options and losing Junior Amone’s contract following an assault conviction, the club had high expectations for Volkman. However, it seems that the Dragons had not registered Volkman’s contract, which allowed them the option to let him go.
On the other hand, Canberra’s search for a new backrower has ended with the arrival of Zac Hosking from the Panthers. A former player for the Panthers, Hosking will strengthen the Raiders in an area they have long sought to improve.
In the meantime, the Wests Tigers have pulled off a significant signing for a new center, adding Q Cup standout Solomona Faataape to their squad. Although fans had been waiting for the signing of Justin Olam from the Melbourne Storm, Faataape’s addition provides depth to the team.
Overall, the player changes and signings are creating a lot of buzz in the NRL ahead of the new season.

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