As the NRL approaches its 2024 round, the Raiders are at a pivotal point. The team’s ability to win tight games was evident in the previous season, but with various departures and few arrivals, it remains to be seen if they can replicate their success. The addition of Morgan Smithies brings hope, but whether he can make a significant impact in strengthening the team’s defense and attack remains uncertain. Kaeo Weekes and Simi Sasagi are also new acquisitions, but their potential success is yet to be determined.

On the departures front, the absence of Jack Wighton and Jarrod Croker has left gaps in the team’s lineup. With key changes in positions and potential replacements, there is much uncertainty surrounding the team’s spine. Xavier Savage, Jamal Fogarty, and Zac Woolford are among the players expected to play key roles in the upcoming season.

Overall, the Raiders are in need of significant improvements in various areas, and their success in the 2024 season remains uncertain. With several new additions and the departure of key players, the team is facing many challenges as they prepare for the upcoming round.

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