Following the Eddie Jones incident, Australian rugby may be apprehensive about utilizing someone like former Wallaby player David Campese in a significant role moving forward. Nevertheless, the idea of Campese coaching the Wallabies in the 2023 Rugby World Cup is intriguing. Could he have done worse than Jones? Perhaps not, considering his advocate for freedom and expression on the field. Australian rugby needs ex-players like Campese, and while his specific role is uncertain, a direct relationship with the players for mentoring and motivation could be beneficial. Campese’s wisdom and instinctive rugby brain should not be dismissed. He has faced a rift with the code’s governing body, and his outspoken nature may be viewed as confrontational. Regardless, his opinions are valuable, as with his statement about the Springboks and his critique of the modern game. Campese is a passionate critic, not a negative one. His splendid career and accomplishments are admirable and should not be overshadowed by few mistakes. His legacy is still honored by many, including notable rugby figures. Today’s Wallabies could learn a lot from Campese, and his career is an inspiration for aspiring professional rugby players.

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