The year 2024 was not a great year for Parramatta nor its player, Dylan Brown. Brown’s off-field behavior resulted in a suspension that had a major impact on the team’s performance. The team missed out on the finals by just one win and it is not an understatement to say that he cost his teammates the entire season. Parramatta had a 3-4 record over the seven games that Brown missed, similar to their overall performance.

The team faced a significant defeat amid the absence of key players such as Clint Gutherson and Mitchell Moses. Brown’s suspension took a toll on the team’s crucial matches. Despite his impressive performance when he did play, his absence derailed the team’s success. Brown’s new contract worth an estimated $1 million per season made his absence even more impactful.

Injuries to other key players like Reagan Campbell-Gillard, Shaun Lane, and Josh Hodgson, along with the impact of Origin selections, further affected the team’s overall performance. The team also faced a challenging schedule throughout the season.

Amid these challenges, the team showed promising performances from emerging players like J’maine Hopgood, Wiremu Greig, and Brendan Hands. However, defensive issues and the need for additional outside backs remained concerning.

There is still hope for Parramatta’s success in the coming seasons, especially if Brown can elevate his performance and lead the team’s attack effectively. The team’s strategy heavily relies on Brown’s performance, and with the support of other consistent players, there is potential for a stronger season ahead.

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