I have always been averse to combat sports. I am a fan of them in principle; they are fundamentally pure forms of competition. Every fan understands that the competitor who cannot rise after a fall is the loser. They transcend language, culture and class. However, I do not like watching people try hurt each other. Sumo wrestling could be considered a combat sport, but as the goal of the game is not to hurt the opponent, it does not quite fit the label.Sumo wrestling is ancient, and the modern version of the sport has been around since the 1600s. The sport has undergone some rule changes over the last few centuries. The number of tournaments held per year has risen and has been at six tournaments since 1958. However, the basic rules of the sport have practically remained unchanged. The only two ways to lose a sumo wrestling match are to be forced outside of the ring or for any part of your body besides the soles of your feet to touch the ground. Each wrestler in the top two divisions must compete for 15 consecutive days, with a match scheduled for each day. Although a sumo wrestling match lasts on average only six seconds, top division wrestlers may spend less than three minutes competing over the 15-day period. Injuries are not a matter of if, but when for every single wrestler in the sport. Access to sumo wrestling broadcasts in Australia can be a challenge. For international fans, YouTube and other streaming websites become invaluable for accessing sumo wrestling broadcasts, and it is pleasing to see the rising interest in the international community of sumo wrestling. Despite the issue of access, falling down the sumo rabbit hole is exceedingly easy, and the sport has something to offer fans of MMA, boxing and martial arts.

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