International cricket is facing a crisis due to the rise of a second IPL season, fueled by Saudi Arabian oil money. This move could cause the sport to prioritize T10 and 100-ball formats, leaving traditional international cricket behind. The rise of the IPL is already drawing top players like Mitchell Starc, Pat Cummins, and others away from the international stage. It is predicted that international cricket could be overshadowed by the pursuit of financial gain through T20 leagues. This shift could heavily impact the sport’s future and further alienate small cricketing nations. The BCCI’s plans to expand the IPL could change the face of cricket forever, much like the Packer revolution of the 1970s. The move has been compared to Saudi Arabia’s influence in other sports such as golf, football, and Formula 1, raising concerns about the impact on the sport’s integrity and history. If international cricket doesn’t act soon, it may lose control to the lure of T20 contracts and face a fundamental shift in its structure and significance. As the IPL continues to grow in popularity and financial allure, the future of international cricket hangs in the balance.

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