In Auckland for a Super Rugby Pacific interim board meeting, Rugby Australian boss Phil Waugh is determined to speed up the game and keep the ball in play longer to draw back disillusioned fans. The meeting is seen by many as a crisis talks for the struggling Australian code. While Super Rugby Pacific interim chair Kevin Molloy has rejected the idea that the competition is “in strife,” he acknowledges that the declining interest must be addressed. The heavyweights of the SANZAR alliance agree that being proactive is vital to stop the waning interest in the game. They believe that boosting “fan engagement” is a simple solution to help revive the competition and bring it back on track. Waugh firmly believes that minimizing stoppages and keeping the ball in play more would appeal to fans. He emphasized the need to speed up the game and looked into reducing the time the ball is out of play. He also mentioned that despite there were slight improvements made this year, more adjustments might be seen in the future. Waugh also acknowledged Australia’s need for improvement, especially in its Super Rugby teams, to maintain the competition’s integrity. Despite the tough times, Molloy admitted that both the Australian and New Zealand governing bodies might have to invest more to revive interest levels in Super Rugby. Moreover, New Zealand Rugby CEO Mark Robinson has emphasized the need to be open-minded about ideas that could breathe new life into the competition. The two neighboring countries are currently focusing on moving forward and rebuilding the competition. Overall, it’s clear that there is a significant drive to help reignite interest in Super Rugby and ensure its success in the future.

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