The Western Force have had a dramatic six years, going from being removed from Super Rugby to returning and struggling to make a solid impact. The club has a strong grassroots following, but they have yet to make a maiden finals appearance in Super Rugby. This has led to questions about their competitiveness and legitimacy as a top-tier team.
The team’s head coach, Simon Cron, has a solid track record of turning struggling teams into winners. However, he faces significant challenges in building cohesion and depth within the Force. The team has suffered from a lack of game time and a revolving door of talent, hindering their ability to compete at the highest level. Additionally, the Force’s performance on the field has left much to be desired, with struggles in tactics, decision-making, and game play.
Despite their shortcomings, the Force have shown promise, particularly with a strong record at home and competitive performances during their New Zealand tour. However, their lack of depth and talent has been their downfall, causing them to miss out on a finals berth.
Cron is now focused on addressing the depth issues and building cohesion within the team. He has made several strategic signings to bolster the squad and is aiming to develop a more competitive and cohesive team for the future. With the support of their fan base in Perth, the Western Force are determined to rise above their challenges and make a lasting impact in Super Rugby.

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