John Manenti, coach of the Australian men’s sevens team, received evidence that Michael Hooper is a valuable addition to the team after training alongside other promising players. Hooper, previously questioned by outgoing Wallabies coach Eddie Jones, joined the team early this year after expressing openness to giving the game a try. Hooper’s leadership and professional experience can enhance the Australian men’s sevens team as they prepare for the Olympic campaign. According to Manenti, Hooper’s presence has already lifted the team’s performance by about 5-10 per cent. While he has much to learn about sevens, Hooper’s captaincy reputation and leadership qualities make him a valuable asset to the team. The team’s sevens tournament series in Perth provides Hooper an opportunity to prove himself and make the transition. Manenti welcomes the addition of quality players from Super Rugby, emphasizing that performance is the key to success. Hooper will face intense competition for a spot on the Australian Olympic sevens team, but his experience and leadership are certain to add value to the squad.

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