“Good players,” a great sporting philosopher said, “they want to be good players all the time. Don’t you know how profound that is?” While the figure who uttered these words may not have been a philosopher, they still ring true, especially when it comes to rugby league.

Former Leyton Orient manager John Sitton once famously expressed this sentiment during a fiery outburst aimed at his own players. Despite the chaos of his words, there was an underlying wisdom in the message. Good players indeed strive for consistency and excellence at all times.

Wayne Bennett, a renowned motivator and man manager, fully understands the significance of consistency in sports. Throughout his extensive coaching career, he has consistently elevated players’ performance levels, demonstrating his ability to cultivate world-class talent from seemingly ordinary individuals.

Last year, with Bennett at the helm, the Redcliffe Dolphins experienced a remarkable transformation. Despite facing numerous challenges, including injuries and suspensions, they managed to achieve consistent levels of performance. Central to their success was the rise of player Hamiso Tabua-Fidow, who delivered exceptional performance on the field.

Moving forward, the Dolphins face new challenges. With heightened expectations and a more competitive lineup, maintaining consistency will be crucial in the upcoming season. However, the Dolphins have bolstered their squad with strategic signings that strengthen key positions and provide vital depth, setting the stage for another successful season.

One of their key objectives is to support the development of Tabuai-Fidow, who showcased great potential last year. With guidance from Bennett and the team, as well as a strengthened lineup, Tabuai-Fidow is set to thrive and solidify his position as a genuine star of the competition. His talent, coupled with the Dolphins’ new acquisitions, presents a promising outlook for the upcoming season.

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