Jordan Henderson, the new captain of Al-Ettifaq, has been criticized for his transfer from Liverpool to the Saudi Pro League club. He recently expressed that the criticism has deeply hurt him. Some fans have questioned his sincerity for his pro-LGBT stance, despite his assurance that his intentions have always been to help causes and communities. Jake Daniels, the only openly gay male professional footballer in the UK, described Henderson’s transfer as a “slap in the face” for the LGBT community.

The scrutiny of Henderson’s move to the Saudi Pro League has been intensified due to the recent trend of top players transferring to the league, which has previously been irrelevant on a global scale. Henderson’s decision to play in a country where gay people face severe persecution has stirred disappointment within the LGBT community. Despite Henderson’s belief that playing in Saudi Arabia can be a force for positive change, the LGBT community remains deeply hurt by his decision.

Over the past three years, Henderson has publicly supported the LGBT community on and off the field, making his transfer to Saudi Arabia a conflicting issue. While some argue that he should prioritize his career above all else, others feel that his move undermines the promises he has made to the LGBT community. Henderson’s vocal support of the community was not just a casual gesture, but a whole-hearted pledge that the LGBT community expected him to uphold in all aspects of his life, including his career decisions.

While Henderson has put himself and his family first in choosing to play for Al-Ettifaq, the LGBT community expected him to demonstrate the same level of commitment to their cause that he has shown in his other endeavors. This has led to a sense of betrayal among fans who believed in Henderson’s advocacy for the LGBT community. Despite the debate surrounding his decision, it is clear that Henderson’s move to Saudi Arabia has deeply affected the community that he has publicly supported.

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