The 2023 grand final game has just been held, and the result was decided by a late-try-scoring fashion. Personally, I have a love for lists of random stuff and nostalgic videos to enjoy during the offseason, and it struck me that we have a well-established hierarchy of dramatic late tries. Instead of rehashing that list, I have chosen six less obvious, but no less dramatic late shows. The first was Ron Roberts in the 1950 Ashes Test. The second was Ken Hirst in the 1968 Challenge Cup Final. The third was Mick Reardon in the 1981 BRL Grand Final. The fourth was Rod Wishart in the 1994 game against Newcastle. The fifth was Tonie Carroll in the 1998 State of Origin game. The sixth was Jack Welsby in the 2020 Super League Grand Final. Each of these tries holds a special place in rugby history.

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