David Warner’s truth of the incident is likely to be taken to his grave, as he is unlikely to ever reveal the full story about Cape Town. There have been suggestions about a book deal from Warner’s manager, but the cricketer has been cryptic about it when asked directly. He hasn’t confirmed that he will tell all, and there are reasons why he might choose to remain silent.

Firstly, no one might believe him, and any version of events he gives will be contested by others involved. Secondly, crossing the picket line by revealing any details could ruin Warner’s chances of future employment in cricket. The cricketing fraternity values solidarity, and breaking that could see him lose the trust of others in the sport. Lastly, the short-term financial gain of a book deal would be up against longer-term financial and reputational issues for Warner.

Despite ongoing interest, it seems unlikely that Warner will ever reveal the full truth about Cape Town, as weighed against the potential consequences, silence seems to be the preferred option for him.

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