The Australian Open has been a source of thrilling matches for almost four decades since it moved to Melbourne Park. Many iconic moments have taken place at this tournament, including Laver’s triumph over Roche in 1969, the epic final between Seles and Graf in 1993, and Hewitt’s victory over Baghdatis in 2008. Other matches worth mentioning are Sampras’ emotional win over Courier in 1995, Agassi’s stunning victory against Sampras in 2000, and Capriati’s come-from-behind win over Hingis in 2002. Additionally, Roddick’s late-night triumph over El Aynaoui in 2003, Serena’s win over Venus in the 2003 final, and Nadal’s victory over Federer in the 2009 final stand out as unforgettable matches. Finally, Djokovic’s historic win against Nadal in the 2012 final marked the peak of their rivalry. All these matches contribute to the rich history of the Australian Open, making it one of the most exciting tennis events in the world.

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