Ricky Stuart is set to stay at the Raiders for now, given his years of experience and his loyal fan base. In fact, his job is probably safe for life. In normal circumstances, a coach is judged solely by his team’s performance or the impression they give on where they’re headed. However, for Stuart, things are a bit different. He resides in Canberra, where there’s a strong belief that he can turn things around because of his successful past. Despite having a reputation for giving opportunities to young players, it seems that Stuart’s confidence in them has waned lately. With several senior players nearing retirement and no high-profile signings to fill the voids, it’s evident that a generational change is underway. However, the more pressing issue might be Stuart’s coaching style, which is starting to raise concerns. Canberra’s attack last year heavily relied on star players, and now, with one of them gone, it’s becoming obvious that the tactic is not sustainable. If they continue with the same approach as 2023, they risk becoming an anomaly in a league where most teams are moving towards a more system-based offense. This situation might bring unwarranted attention to the head coach. Although it’s been argued that no coach will be sacked this year, the eyes might still turn towards Stuart if the Raiders don’t perform.

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