The NRL appears ready to add another Immortal to its ranks. There are numerous players on the long list of candidates, but six stand out as potential honorees. The Hall of Fame was established five years ago, inducting six members to the 100 players selected in 2008. The process for qualifying as a Hall of Famer and then an Immortal has been defined, however, the NRL deviated from this structure when it named five players as Immortals instead of the intended two. This expansion included three pre-World War II players, along with Norm Provan and Mal Meninga.

From the pre-expansion era in the 1970s, Ron Coote is a standout choice as a potential Immortal, while Peter Sterling and Glenn Lazarus are recognized as well. Sterling played a significant role in the success of the Parramatta team during their dominant years, while Lazarus demonstrated exceptional performance and leadership throughout his career. Johnathan Thurston, Darren Lockyer, and Billy Slater are considered potential candidates from more recent years.

As the NRL continues to honor its history, it is important to give recognition to the Hall of Fame as well. Past greats such as Bob Lindner, Greg Alexander, and Michael O’Connor have been shortlisted and deserve consideration. The discussion around who will be named the next Immortal will continue to thrive as players of this caliber are compared.

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