Aston Villa has a rich history and is considered a “proper football club” by many. Similarly esteemed clubs include Everton, Newcastle, West Ham, Nottingham Forest, Wolves, Leeds, Sunderland, and Leicester. Villa’s style, as led by manager Unai Emery, is admired for their aggressive and high-line defense and pace in transition. The team’s recent success has solidified their place in the Premier League, proving they are a prominent force in the competition. SonHeung-min, Richarlison, Dejan Kulusevski, and Brennan Johnson took on key roles in a recent win against Newcastle. Liverpool has also been quietly performing well in the Premier League, with MoSalah leading their strong offense. Despite talk of luck, statistics show that Liverpool has a strong chance of winning games. Klopp’s team is quietly poised to make an impact in the league. Some upcoming challenges for top competitors Arsenal, Manchester City, and Liverpool include matches against each other and against teams with historically strong performances.

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