The Premier League has seen record-breaking numbers of goals so far this season, averaging 3.16 goals per game. This is the highest average in the league since its inception in 1992 and the most in England’s top division in over 50 years. With the league now boasting a staggering TV rights deal worth GBP 6.7 billion, there are clear signs that fans are getting their money’s worth.

The surge in goal scoring can be attributed to a number of factors. Longer games, thanks to a more accurate calculation of additional time, provide more opportunities for goals. Time-wasting has also been significantly reduced, ensuring that the ball is in play for longer periods, resulting in more goals. Moreover, the coaching philosophy across the league has shifted towards a more attack-minded approach, leading to teams hiring front-foot managers and favoring ball-playing defenders and goalkeepers.

Furthermore, the increase in red cards and the weak performances of newly-promoted teams have added to the high-scoring nature of this season’s Premier League matches. With exciting matches and a greater emphasis on attacking play, the Premier League is proving to be more entertaining than ever.

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