The recent departure of Eddie Jones as Wallabies coach has been met with sadness by rising 22-year-old Carter Gordon. However, despite the tough World Cup campaign, Gordon believes he and the wider squad will emerge stronger. Concerns were raised about potential psychological damage from the Wallabies’ World Cup disappointment, which saw them miss the knockout stage for the first time. Wallabies playmaker Michael Lynagh expressed his disappointment over their performance and fears for the players’ emotional well-being. Despite the difficult campaign, Gordon remains optimistic about the team’s future and looks forward to carrying their learnings into the new year. He acknowledges the experience gained from their World Cup journey and is confident in the team’s ability to improve and grow. The departure of Eddie Jones was emotional for Gordon, who expressed gratitude for the coach’s support. Despite the difficult campaign, he is now back to training with the Rebels and is looking forward to the future.

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