As soon as Warner came in to the SCG, it was noticeable through his performance that he feels very comfortable. Seeing it from the air, it must have felt like an irrevocable dream. The reminiscence test he faced must have felt very much like high school.He also displayed many low-scoring plays which may have seemed like a vivid dream at the time. The beginning of the Pakistan-Australia combination turned out to be less than secure. Warner’s judgment under the umpires’ bad light meter showed great judgment.ationship with the other players on the field. His outlook grew to a triumphant point with powerful plays of humor and knowledge, and he maintained his image as a team player. He showed that cricket takes knowledge and science to another level. He closed with a tight hold, ending with the score.Grade: The Pakistan-Australia analysis showed a low rating. Warner’s performance was a strong grade. Though Carey was out, the analytical aspect of it demonstrated a good aspect. Lance and Salman’s performance helped Australia’s strategic move by giving feedback. Labuschagne’s evidence was shown in response, an accurate ball from Salman drove him out. @}Hamle showed a positive energy, reading wickets faster; he gained a strong central=-working aspect of the play. Warner did not hesitate to hit a large turn before the top. Pakistan showed deteriorating faith in their play and inspiration. Labuschagne solidified the thought by securing 62*, thereby ending Pakistan’s active scoring. Hazlenowowod brought an unexpected energetic mood, attacking the Pakistan team. Hazlewood finalized the play with a victorious energy plot, helping Pakistan gain a little more of an analysis. Warner’s farewell Lt. Test outing saw a few complexities, but the players’ enthusiastic aspect showed the true aspect. Warner finalized the series as a historical turn opener. The sporting side of Warner was shown as a driving force, showing the aspect of the game from a stronger focus.

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