Golden State’s golden era is officially over, despite the desperate efforts of their veteran stars to stay relevant. At 10-14, they are struggling to make it into the play-in equation for the Western Conference. The Warriors’ decline is evident, especially with their key players like Draymond Green and Klay Thompson showing signs of aging and decline in performance.

Green’s recent suspension for punching a player, coupled with his history of on-court incidents, reflects his deteriorating behavior. Thompson, while still showing occasional brilliance on the court, is no longer the consistent star he once was. Andrew Wiggins, once seen as a key player, has also slumped in his performance. The Warriors’ recent draft picks have also not developed into the impact players they had hoped for, leaving Golden State in a tough spot.

The team’s options for rebuilding are limited, as their key players’ trade value is at an all-time low. While Steph Curry continues to draw crowds, the reality is that a lengthy rebuild is on the horizon for the Warriors. It seems that the days of Golden State’s dominance are truly over, and a new chapter awaits the team.

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