Angelos Postecoglou, former coach of Melbourne, Yokohama, Glasgow and London, has made some recent comments concerning the strategies of top football teams. Postecoglou, manager of Tottenham Hotspur, has been consistent with his beliefs even in challenging situations. In contrast, Erik ten Hag, coach of Manchester United, is under great pressure due to their poor performance in the Premier League. United seem to lack a clear plan and struggle against top teams. In a recent match against Newcastle, United lost and only managed eight shots, one on target. Roy Keane, a former player and now commentator, criticized the lack of effort from some of United’s players, particularly singling out Marcus Rashford. Unlike Postecoglou, who has maintained his philosophy, Ten Hag seems conflicted in his approach, and is criticized for poor decision-making. Overall, Postecoglou’s firm beliefs and strategic approach have been praised, while Ten Hag’s indecision and lack of clarity have drawn criticism.

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